Greece |  A life – changing experience cover image

Greece | A life – changing experience

    Greece. A life-changing experience! The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) released a new video advertising campaign with the message ” Greece. A life-changing experience!”  promoting the country to worldwide visitors and strengthening its…

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Corfu Island cover image

Corfu Island

Corfu is an island that has much to offer to its visitors!   As one of Greece’s most cosmopolitan islands, Corfu is full of life all year round. From the beginning of spring until the…

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Villa 1870 Corfu’s history cover image

Villa 1870 Corfu’s history

    The mansion Villa 1870 Corfu, a family holiday villa, is a luxurious traditional Corfiot mansion built in 1870 by a wealthy man, of the aristocratic class of Corfu. He was the son of…

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Cooking lessons in Greek cuisine cover image

Cooking lessons in Greek cuisine

Fun Cooking Lessons on Family Holidays Family holidays can be relaxing and fun at the same time. Regarding Greek islands, a family can choose from a plethora of activities as alternative ways of entertainment. Cooking…

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Easter In Corfu cover image

Easter In Corfu

  Easter in Corfu is unique! If you have already been to Corfu, you know its beauty, but if you haven’t been to this Greek island during Easter you have seen nothing yet! The endless…

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