Lamb ribs cooked by Villa 1870 Corfu's Chef during a cooking lesson

Cooking lessons in Greek cuisine

Fun Cooking Lessons on Family Holidays

Family holidays can be relaxing and fun at the same time. Regarding Greek islands, a family can choose from a plethora of activities as alternative ways of entertainment. Cooking lessons in Greek cuisine are one of them. Meet the Greek cuisine and give your family holidays a unique aroma and taste!  In our secluded professional kitchen in Villa 1870 Corfu, we use the best, fresh local ingredients to create dishes of the highest quality. Our exclusive chef welcomes you to an enjoyable cooking lesson during your family holidays. Let him take you on a delicious journey through Greek cuisine and instill in you the secrets while enjoying the experience of cooking in a professional private kitchen. You will keep this memory for a long time after your vacation.

All family members can participate regardless of their age. The participation of the children naturally requires the presence of the parent. The cooking lessons take place within the villa’s private kitchen area. During the family holidays, you always have to find ways to keep the kids busy while having fun. A cooking lesson is a good alternative! Kids will enjoy being in the kitchen and smelling spices, learning to recognize herbs, tasting fresh vegetables, experimenting and eventually cooking like professionals!


Greek cuisine is a delicious journey!

Greek cuisine is multicultural and traditional at the same time. Each region of Greece has its own secret culinary and unique flavors that characterize it. But all are based on the excellent raw materials which are found in abundance in this country. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and herbs, quality meat from local producers, fresh seafood, and fish from the “catch of the day” make up the portrait of Greek cuisine full of flavors and smells!


Souvlaki on a wooden plate cooked by Villa 1870 Corfu's Chef during a cooking lesson.


Why Cooking Lessons?

Cooking lessons can be incredibly fun! You can learn about local products and how you can use them to create a quality delicious meal. Master the history of each dish, its roots and influences as well as how its recipe is passed through generations to reach today.  A great way to get closer to the philosophy of Greek cuisine – part of Greek culture. It is an alternative enjoyable activity for the whole family during your family holidays. The chef is at your disposal to organize a cooking lesson for you with the menu of your desire.

Book your family holidays in Villa 1870 Corfu and enjoy high-quality facilities and bespoke services for unforgettable family holidays!
Villa 1870 Corfu is an all-season luxurious villa that offers 5-star hotel facilities in the privacy of a traditional luxurious Corfiot mansion, including a swimming pool, and private chef for you! The villa sleeps up to 16 people. So, don’t miss to invite the whole family or some friends to share these exciting holidays with. Everybody will have his pillow!

With love and a holiday mood,
Dimitris and Nancy


Shrimps from Villa 1870 Corfu's Chef during a cooking lesson.


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